A Houston Tradition Continues

The M. Wiesenthal Men’s Collection is both similar to, and a departure from, my historic family business, Harolds “in the Heights,” which was a Houston landmark for 60 years.

My store is rooted in a neighborhood community, just as Harolds “in the Heights” was, but now in Bellaire. LIke Harolds, we offer the same highly personal, one-on-one service including made-to-measure as well as known brands, such as Robert Talbott, Brax, HIlt, Coppley and Mizzen and Main.

Selecting an office building located on the very accessible intersection of Bellaire Blvd. and the West Loop, I’ve made it convenient for clients to get here, get in, get what they want, and get on with business and life.


M. Wiesenthal Men’s Collection features “lifestyle apparel” for your formal, business, casual and sportswear needs, including the furnishings and flourishes that make your wardrobe, and your style, a complete statement.